We are offering three gorgeous, portfolio-building styled-sessions in breathtaking Pacific Northwest locations and full rights to the images you create to take your portfolio to the next level. Natalie and Nicole will both lead outdoor family sessions focusing on connection and using your surroundings, particularly backlight and shadow, to create dramatic imagery. Jess will lead lifestyle newborn sessions that focus on using natural light indoors to create dramatic details, authentic moments among family members, and emotional storytelling. 


You will have an opportunity to watch all three instructors edit and there will be several opportunities for Q&A along the way. The educators will also share insight on important topics including how to find your own unique photography style and allow yourself to evolve as an artist, how to create a cohesive portfolio, and business-related issues such as how to grow with your craft and shift your business so you can fall in love with client work again. 


Your education doesn’t end after the retreat. Your seat gives you unlimited access to our private Facebook page, where we can continue to share ideas, ask questions and support and inspire each other. 

Jess Buttermore

I’m Jess, a lover of light, movement, emotion and storytelling in my imagery. When I create an image, I want it to radiate emotion. To be impactful and thoughtful. To be raw, genuine, and packed full of substance and meaning. These themes will be my framework during my time with you in May. I live and love in a small town nestled in the mountains outside of Seattle, Washington with my husband and three children where I work as a birthplace and at-home newborn photographer. I also enjoy photographing my own family’s travel adventures in the Pacific Northwest and around the world. My work can be found in several photography blogs and magazines, including Click, Dear Photographer, National Geographic and Looks Like Film, and I am honored to be recognized by Clickin Moms as one of the 100 Photographers to Watch in 2018 as well as one of the Top 20 Photographers in the World for Kids Captures by Shoot & Share. I am a photography mentor, writer, educator and Click Pro, and I can’t wait to share my craft with you.

Natalie Gildersleeve

Hey! I'm Natalie. I consider myself a forever-student of life and I have always loved watching and observing people... catching the little details, the half-smiles, the simple gestures. This is what photography is all about for me: seeing others, as they are, through my creative lens. It’s about seeing the real, the beautiful, and the messy moments— the everyday magic that tells the stories of our lives. I live in Portland, OR with my husband and two kiddos. The Columbia River Gorge has been a truly magical place for us to adventure and we know many of it's secrets.  All of this will be woven into what I share during our weekend together. I am honored to have made the list for 100 women photographers to watch in 2019 by Clickin Moms. For the past 15 years, I have taught and run yoga teacher trainings which translates naturally into teaching photography. I couldn't be more excited about joining you on your journey into accessing the most creative and authentic expression of yourself.  

Nicole Trejo

Hello! I’m Nicole Trejo from Klamath Falls Oregon, mother to 5 littles and married to one awesome family doc. I had no conception of ever living in Oregon, but man I should have! This place is amazing, and I can’t wait to explore it with you.


I picked up my first camera in 2016 and began Manzanita Photography in 2018. I hosted my first workshop, Reach, in my sunny little town, and I am thrilled to be a part of this special retreat with you.  My focus is family photography, because it calls to me. It doesn’t matter if your shooting years are minimal, I want to help you see that you can create unique art wherever you are on your photo journey. Let’s climb this summit together.